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Contact Andy Shaw on 07932 596412

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Shawcraft replica’s are made with grp moldings produced in purpose built molds which were designed to produce the simplest but strongest parts possible with practically no requirement for reinforcement.

This helps keep the cost of the products down and yet makes them robust enough for years of trouble free service.


Replica petrol pumps for your classic garage, gamesroom or living room.

From basic replica’s, storage cabinets to a cocktail bar!

The choice is yours.

Shawcraft robots are designed and built to be robust, easy to transport and endlessly upgradable.


PlanetTk1Start with a static robot then add speech, interactive movement or even radio or computer control to make it walk around and talk with people.


All replica’s are proudly made in Great Britain

Call Andy Shaw on 07932 596412

You’ll find more great pictures in the gallery.

5 Responses to Shawcraft Replica’s

  1. Gregg Campbell says:

    Hi Andy, nice to see you’ve updated your website!

    • admin says:

      Hi Gregg, thanks. Yes the old one’s still out there, haven’t been able to access it for years now!
      I’ll be doing more soon, just buried with work at the moment. How’s everything with you?
      Cheers, Andy.

  2. I usually dont commonly post on many another Blogs, however Thank you very much keep up the amazing work. Ok regrettably its time to get to school.

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