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The Shawcraft replica petrol pumps are based on the 1960′s British Beckmeter design.

Not as tall as the 1950′s designs but retaining the option of fitting a ‘globe’, the light on the top with the company logo.



This style of pump can be seen in many ’60′s and ’70′s tv show’s and films including the persuaders, bond, the saint, two lane blacktop to name just a few.

With that kind of heritage what better to have in your classic garage setting off the tone for your car or bike?



These replica’s are produced using purpose built molds and the colours are pigmented gelcoat making them very resistant to scrapes and knocks. The pumps are light but yet very robust.


The pumps are designed for self assembly and they arrive flat packed ready for you to finish. This makes them easy to part dismantle and take to shows and events.


The delivery hose is brand new and the nozzle is a cleaned up original.





The pumps display is behind a thick polycarbonate window and features a fully sculpted readout area.


 Coming soon..

  • Lower opening, lined cabinet
  • Full opening, lined cabinet
  • Cocktail bar
  • Drinks cooler


The pumps are well detailed ‘museum quality’ pieces. All edges are rounded just like the originals and have a crisp, clean appearance just like a steel pressing.




The front panel’s Beckmeter name plate is a reproduced detail from an original and is a 3 dimensional feature attached rather than printed onto the pump.








More great photo’s in the gallery.

Call Andy on 07932 596412

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